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Solid and to-the-point presentation with a dash of sass...Emergency Response Training makes learning fun again!  Not only are their lecturers super experienced in their fields, but they are great at engaging their audience.  You get the best of both worlds with ERT.  

Oh and their topics!  Not only can you get your run-of-the-mill certifications and CE classes but you can learn about crazy cool stuff like shark attacks and snake venom.  I attended the trauma symposium lectured by Bob and Catherine Hesse in October.  Catherine taught us more than I ever dreamed was going on with a bullet in her part on gunshot entry and exit wounds.  Her photo slides were unforgettable and I came away from it coldly informed.

I'm a new RN and always looking for ways to refine and streamline the mess of information given to us in nursing school.  Aki's Rapid Assessment class was SO good in that regard.  Thank you!!  Other hot items for new RNs are the New Grad Job Hunter Concierge, the Skills Lab and classes like "Calling With Confidence".   Hugely relevant topics and resources.  Thanks, ERT, for being so with it!

- Yelp
Hilary B.


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