About Us

We started Defibthis.com & Emergency Response Training based on a big need in our local health care provider community. We looked around and saw that local classes were limited to a few times a year and they were…

  Boring! Before  Emergency Response training, if you had a last minute need to update your certifications, it meant driving over the hill and spending all day in a boring classroom. Emergency Response Training was forged from the idea that health care career training and certification renewal classes should be convenient, and FUN!

At DefibTHIS.com/Emergency Response Training, we have amassed and arsenal of experienced and dynamic Instructors who not only teach, but continue to work in care and maintain the skills they teach.

The majority of the Instructors at DefibTHIS.com/ Emergency Response Training, have over twenty years of experience in their field of expertise. They bring that level of experience to every class they teach while updating their skills daily and staying up-to-date on the latest in EMS, Nursing and Rescue training theory and practice.